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  • For your family, for your business, for YOU.

How often do you achieve the objectives that are important to you? You may be tempted to stop trying. Most people say things like, “Maybe this is just it,” or, “I’ll settle for what I have.” But frequently what’s getting in the way of achievement is the actual goal. If your goal is to “lose weight,” how will you know when that goal is complete? When you’ve lost one pound? Five? Forty pounds?

Without a clear target, you’ll never hit your mark. That’s why it’s crucial to learn how to set goals that are clear, measurable and actionable.


Time: 1hr 45 min 1. Learn why goal setting is vital to growth in every area of your life 2. Understand how to set goals that excite and inspire you 3. Get powerful strategies for achieving your goals 4. Reveal how to create compelling goals – and achieve them 5. Conduct a guided brainstorming session. 6. CONNECT YOUR GOALS TO YOUR PURPOSE. 7. REFINE YOUR GOALS

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Workshop | Goal Setting
Set goals that motivate you to take actions
$49 One Time Fee

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