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An international telehealth Ai concierge platform connecting Doctors to Patients and tailoring personalized programs with dedicated health coaches to keep you accountable.

Book Doctor Telemedicine

How does it work?

Whether you are looking for a direct primary care or a second opinion review of your case, Bookzdoctor connects you to the best available physicians in your geolocation, and to top field specialists worldwide.

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Primary Care
With a licensed physician in your area (Medical Consult)
Based on Physician Location
  • Telemedicine app
  • +2000 Licensed Physicians
  • Chat, Video Call, & ePrescription
  • Upload Medical Records to Blockchain
  • Talk to a physicians in less than 24 hours
  • Health assessments & resources
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Second Opinion
Chart reviews & recommendations. (Not a Medical Consult)
Based on Physician Fees
  • AI Request of medical records
  • AI Upload/Transfer of medical records
  • Two health phone assessments/year
  • Integrations with all EMR's
  • Dashboard for data activity
  • Marketplace for data access
  • Licensed physicians from all over the world
  • Clinical trials suggestions
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So Intuitive, So Easy

We are so excited and proud of our product. It's really easy to connect to doctors from all over the world anytime, anywhere, based on your location. Medicine beyond boundaries.

iOS Store

Available on apple store with monthly updates and improvements.


Guided by our AI chatbot Zee, patients can navigate the complexity of healthcare in a simple, yet powerful way.


Medical reports will be issued to the patient and can be transferable to any recommended doctor for follow ups.


Our app is international. No boundaries. Doctors & patients interact on their own terms.


We screen all our physicians who must be registered in their country of operations.


There are no charges for using the app. However doctors can charge a consultation fees if they see it a fit.

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