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What if modern medicine integrates with holistic medicine to provide you the optimal care that you need? These programs are highly personalized for you, with convenient access to a healthcare professional anywhere, anytime.

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Discipline is the number one skill you can have on this planet. It's the lynch pin that either helps you progress or holds you back in every aspect of your life and it's not as hard to become disciplined as you might think.

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Our aim is to help 1000 persons every year to optimize and grow their life using the world's most advance techniques and behavioral strategies.

"I don't think I could have thrown myself into this at a better time in my life. It provided me with comfort and discomfort - pushing me to articulate the what, why, and how for everything I had to push my own self to recognize the core beliefs I had were unproductive or even self-harming. They didn't prescribe - they presented basic human truths and were a thoughtful and nuanced guide every single day through the last 9 weeks, revealing in how even from the first few days, I started to notice a change in how i saw my own life and trouble - shouted my own unstructured, & overthinking patterns."

Zahra B.
Co-Founder & COO

"The mindhack program has made a tremendous change in my life. I really, really appreciate it. Just in few months with getting my tasks, I have been working out everyday, taking care of my family, and even have been nominated the best employee of last month. It has been such a positive experience for me. Thank you! Now I started to set a new set of goals for myself."

Burcu. M.
Mother & Employee

"I want to tell how much I appreciate the program. It is really forcing me to self-reflect in a serious manner about my personal life! I am realizing things I wasn’t aware of myself."

Fouad. S
Medical Doctor

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Our awesome features


Working with 1000’s of successful clients and working alongside some of the leading experts in Medicine, Psychology, and Coaching, we know EXACTLY what it takes to transform & optimize your life.


A convenient access to a powerful system that will help you build healthy habits with frequent check-ins, and expert advice to keep you on track.


Tailored and up-to-date programs based on what is working or not working for you, built on the best available current research in the medical and scientific literature.

Ease Of Access

Connect to a medical provider anywhere in the world for medical advice and chat with our artificial intelligent robot who will make the process fast, smooth and convenient!

Insights and Reports

Insights and Reports: Deep dive into metrics customized for your mental health, and fitness levels and measure goals to keep you in check.

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