Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using email:

A BzD program is a tailored set of treatments that works for you and your condition. Programs are personalized based on an initial assessment and a multidisciplinary approach by a medical & professional team who will hold you accountable and ensure you reach your goals.

Currently you can connect to a medical professional by downloading our app on the app store. Follow the instructions by our artificial intelligence robot to sign in and get in touch with an available doctor close to your location.

Yes, programs are reviewed by doctors and updated on a weekly basis based on your response and improvements. Currently we have a wait list for these programs, and we will be notifying you as soon as they are released.

BookzDoctor will connect you to a doctor based on your current location. After chatting with the doctor or with his office, they will determine if you need a physical visit to the clinic. Most of the conditions can be solved through our telemedicine app.

Please contact us on our support email, and health care coaches are here to answer you. Most requests are about the self-care programs or the tele-health consult through the app.

At BzD we currently offer sleep programs, weight-loss programs and joint pain programs. If there is another condition, you’d like to see us address, please feel free to email us here.

The team consists of generalists’ doctors, specialists’ doctors, natural doctors, chiropractors, dieticians, psychiatrists, physical therapists, psychologists, mindfulness teachers, nurses and health coaches. This diversity provides a multidisciplinary approach to your care.

Our programs are based on evidence-based medicine published from the FDA, Elsevier medical journals,, and a medical literature review.

We are not able to take insurance currently, but we are working around the clock to accept insurance and medical savings account. However, we can accept international payments from any country. Our providers are located in 26 countries.

We value your privacy, and our systems are HIPPA compliant. Any information you share with us will help us tailor the best care for you. You can read our privacy and terms of usage on our menu.

Yes, our software’s and apps are free and will always be free. However, Doctors are able to charge their fees through consultations, and BzD takes a percentage out of every consult.

Yes, our health coach and doctors go through a thorough background check and a training program before being released on the platforms at no costs. Please register as a doctor and we will contact you with the next steps.